We Are Big Data

Beyond Impact is Big Data. Big Data solutions and technologies are not necessarily about the “big four”,  [Variety, Velocity, Volume and Veracity] nor is it about the epic battle between SQL vs. NoSQL or deciding whether Data Lakes are beneficial or not. It’s about a mindset or an approach that solves today’s complex business challenges with today’s technologies. Most organizations operate using only about ten percent of their available data in their strategic decision-making processes and allocate a significant amount of resources and time to do so. 



Did you know?

A single baseball game's stats, or a single airline flight's sensor data can generate over a Terabyte of data each? How much valuable data is available in relation to your business operations? Better yet, what percentage of that data are you currently able to capture and effectively analyze and make actionable for your business?

Three Stages of Big Data Optimization


// The rate of change is extraordinary. So too is the opportunity for your organization to capitalize with new innovations. We will help define & guide you along the journey of understanding these new capabilities, tool sets, and methodologies. 


// Think "no more hurdles". Our Data design & implementation strategies will help remove your roadblocks, while reducing IT burden and cost of ownership. This will lead to increased innovation / agility and will help deliver actionable Business Intelligence.


// Optimization is possible. Our services will help your organization maintain long term operational excellence and efficiency. Go beyond the initial implementation stages and experience real transformation.


Without costly or lengthy IT infrastructure impact, without waiting another year... discover how actionable Big Data really is and how to painlessly incorporate it into your business decisions today. Big Data technologies can ease your budget woes and transform your business intelligence and data agility to be faster than imagined.

Are your current business data processes and technologies consuming your budget and your time? Is your organization's strategic agility restrained by its lack of quick, insightful, and actionable data analysis & business intelligence?  We can help.

There is critical data out there that can transform your business and provide the insight necessary to outpace your competition & help you thrive in the midst of change. Dare to think differently.