We Are Business Intelligence

Beyond Impact is Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence is the knowledge gained through rapid access and analysis of your valuable business information. Whether it’s through the lens of self-service business intelligence (SSBI) or federated corporate reporting, by implementing the right tools & strategies, you can effectively leverage your data assets through powerful, actionable analytics.

It's not always about working harder, but daring to think differently. 

Are you tackling today’s complex business data challenges with yesterday’s technologies and methodologies? Our experienced consultants will help guide you along the BI journey to unleash your company’s intelligence and elevate your team to new heights of business optimization.

When an operations analyst asked one of the guys running an oil refinery why known efficiency changes had not been implemented he responded
‘We’re staffed to run;  we’re not staffed to change,’

We believe that IT should be seen as a “Value Center” and Business Intelligence, the deliverable.  We believe that IT metrics should always be aligned with business metrics to drive business goals and that Business Intelligence application value should be based upon business revenue rather than traditional IT standards of “uptime” or “completed” backlog items or number of accesses, etc.  



Is your Data platform a business asset or an anchor?

In order to optimize, you must first be able to analyze. You cannot improve if you do not know what works.

Is your Data platform built for Stability, but you need Agility?

If you cannot use it... Then what good is it? 

“We cannot solve our problems with same thinking we used when we created them” [Albert Einstein]

Effective Business Intelligence does not happen accidentally, nor do business needs or technologies remain static. Effective and actionable Business Intelligence is the result of continuing vigilance and analysis of current technologies and processes.