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For businesses to thrive in today’s fast moving markets they will need the technology toolsets that can support faster insights on larger amounts of data more quickly and support the integration of information, structured and non-structured, both inside and outside the organization. The biggest limitation to effective timely business intelligence, for most businesses today, are the siloed legacy data eco-systems they have been constrained to work with. 

Companies have more valuable data at their fingertips today than ever before. Like it or not, business data has become “Big” data. Through the availability of public, social media, sensor, spatial aware mobile apps, 3rd party digital channels and many more streams of data ready for valuable analysis.


Can the yellow elephant in the room revolutionize your business? 



Businesses pay a fortune purchasing 3rd party organizations' data for insight into their customers that they themselves already generate. Hadoop can leverage your data and give you a specific advantage in today's fast-moving business culture.

Businesses that can capture, store, analyze and act upon this data will discover more opportunities and create better, lower cost strategies and deliver more innovative products and services than those that do not.  Traditional business data eco-systems are well suited to analyzing contextually limited historical transactions but poorly equipped to understand the fundamental driving force behind their customer’s engagement.  The typical constraints imposed by legacy, structured, data warehouse technologies do not easily allow the integration of the granular or contextual raw data necessary to gain this better understanding required to improve their processes or discover new opportunities.


Hadoop technology is helping businesses overcome limitations in big ways.
Hadoop technology is helping businesses gain competitive advantage with faster, agile analytics and prediction. 

It helps by making possible the capturing of all business data. The more data you capture the more comprehensive and contextualized your analysis can become.  More data, be it, customer, operational or otherwise must be integrated and available in near real-time to enable timely action. This is where Hadoop excels. Discovery and analysis on larger, more complete data yields deeper actionable insights into your customers’ needs, behaviors and changing habits.   

Hadoop's proven capabilities in managing “Big Data” is not just a solution looking for a problem anymore.  It’s a critical asset in the competitive enterprise Data and Business Intelligence eco-systems. To support the business’s need to acquire, store and effectively analyze all its data, they will need new technologies, processes and architectures. Among them Hadoop and its powerful tool set components clearly leads the way. 

Hadoop running in parallel to, and enhancing your existing Enterprise Data Warehouse is a crucial consideration. This brings powerful ingestion, cleansing, storage, access and integration making data available for discovery and analysis in ways and at scales very difficult to produce via other implementations. 


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Hadoop Can Do It:

  • Automatically store and distribute data across any number of commodity servers.
  • Provides real-time data redundancy
  • Allows for ETL and ELT process to run and scale automatically
  • Runs On-premise or in Cloud configurations
  • Provides a single integrated data repository for Business Intelligence analysis
  • Eliminates fragmented data limitations
  • Makes it possible for businesses to apply the “Throw nothing out” data principles
  • Provides a framework for Real-Time and Predictive business intelligence analysis. 
  • Makes technically and fiscally viable the analysis of Clickstream, Logs, Demographic, Exhaust processing, Social-media, Sensors, IoT, etc. 
  • Low cost, highly redundant data storage
  • Low cost “Data Refinery” or “Data Lake” implementations
  • Is not bound to proprietary vendors
  • Provides a framework for advanced statistical, data-mining and machine learning processing
  • Businesses that invest in today’s holistic data and BI solutions respond more quickly to customer needs and competitive threats (more agile organization); grow faster than their competitors; and deliver innovative new products and services.

We work with businesses to bring clarity and focus to the landscape of new technologies well enough to appreciate the potential business opportunities that exist and provide services from analysis to implementation and managing operational excellence.  Our services provide strategic direction and sound tactical methodologies.With all this proven capability can your business afford not to adapt. 

Hadoop’s powerful distributed framework makes it possible to store, manage and utilize real-world Big Data at fractions of the cost associated with today’s most popular EDW appliance solutions.


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