We Are Power BI

Beyond Impact is Power BI.

What happens when the most ubiquitous data analysis tool unifies their suite of BI visualization tools into a single new intuitive powerful user interface?

Let us introduce you to Microsoft’s Business Intelligence
game-changer: Power BI

Power BI propels Microsoft's popular Excel-based self-service BI features to the next level by connecting these features to sources ranging from Enterprise BI/DW data to desktop text files, or even Hadoop clusters and adding data modeling, search, interactive visualization and live data exploration capabilities. It's truly revolutionary. 

The report below is a static report that many of you may be used to seeing in one form or another.  Either a text based tabular report or a static visualization.  Reporting can be so much more than that.  Click on the button below to see this report come to life in a live interactive demo!

Experience this report in a live demo!

Click the image to see it come to life with Power BI!  Interact with data fully visualized.

Click the image to see it come to life with Power BI!  Interact with data fully visualized.

The 8 C's of Power BI

Connect - Locate, combine and explore data from nearly any source and consume.

Create - Create Catalogues, Datasets, Spreadsheets, dynamic Reports and Dashboards.

Communicate - Stay in touch with users consuming and interacting with your analytics in the same user interface.

Collaborate - Create content groups to align with your organizations hierarchy, areas of specialization, interest or teams within and across your organization.  Use these groups to minimize data exhaustion and confusion across governance domains.

Coordinate - Manage Developers, Project Managers, SME’s, Testers and Quality assurance team’s progress from concept through deployment.

Content Delivery - Seamless Web and mobile deployment of Dashboards, Reports and even Datasets/Query’s to any audience on any digital device.  (Desktop, Mobile) (Dynamic or PDF) etc.

Content Currency - Easily control and enable data refresh capabilities to provide interactive, current, relevant data at your fingertips when and where you need it.

Cloud - Easy to start as SaaS.  Simply navigate to site, authenticate and interact with your data.  Savings, Simplicity, Agility and Productivity are tremendous via the cloud infrastructure reducing initial IT intensive complexities allowing time and resources for acting upon your data.

As an early beta program participant Beyond Impact has been an early adopter in Power BI, collaborating with Microsoft’s Power BI development teams through each beta release. We are specialists focused in this revolutionary technology offering.

Discover how Beyond Impact can put Power BI to work for your business... 

Bringing faster data driven decision-making capabilities. Reducing the report request turn time. 
Accelerating the adoption process. 
Providing a business friendly BI communication portal. Unifying federated, self-service and discovery tools. 
Reduced proof-of-concept design time and costs. Managing creation, distribution and tracking of all reports through a single intuitive interface. Improved business agility. Reducing IT dependence.  


Power BI core components

Power BI Desktop:  The developer or analyst’s creation user interface, incorporating all access, design and deployment functions
Power BI Web:  The interactive collaborative portal for Report and Dashboard interaction, refreshes, distribution and consumption.

  • Excel: The world’s most commonly utilized business data interaction tool.
  • Power Map: Power Map provides Bing Map powered visualizations, extending Power View’s capabilities with 3D map visualizations.
  • Power Pivot: Power Pivot provides end-user accessible, in-memory data modeling for large data sets.
  • Power Query: Power Query brings live data Mangling, Transformation and Cataloging capabilities to your fingertips.
  • Mobile BI: Single click publishing provides full touch-enabled interactive access to reports and dashboards any time any place. Discover, Analyze, Act on the go!
  • Power View: Power View is a complimentary technology to Power Pivot, enabling advanced visualizations for data models created in Power Pivot. Power View delivers interactive visualizations, including animated visuals and maps.
  • Natural Language Query: Allows instant live data visualization, via natural language queries typed against any defined dataset.
  • Q&A: Q&A add-ons seamlessly integrate Team Foundation Server functionality into one powerful, inclusive and collaborative interface.