We Are Power BI

Transform Your Business with Microsoft Power BI

Discover greater insight. Experience business intelligence like never before with Power BI's intuitive design and robust analytical capabilities.  In minutes, uncover valuable business insights while leveraging your existing investment in SQL Server, Excel and Azure to produce optimal business intelligence throughout the enterprise. 

Propel your business with Power BI, Microsoft's industry-leading, self-service business intelligence tool. Learn how Power BI is transforming organizations around the globe. 

Empower your users with access to real-time data and the ability to slice through their data and drill into key insight with Power BI.  

Top Echelon: Power BI Consulting

Data-driven organizations are the future. Each organization has its own unique challenges. Our Power BI consultants focus on discovering these and working to transform organizations while discovering critical insight.  Our mission at Beyond Impact is to provide 360-support throughout your Power BI journey by delivering strategic Power BI road-maps, Power BI staffing solutions, and strategic data analytics staff-aug services. 

Business Intelligence: Executives Demanding Better Insight?

The ability to slice through interactive visualization streaming real-time data is changing the landscape for how top executives interact with data. Uncovering just one trend or potential disaster with an Executive Dashboard could save an entire business vertical or drive new profit in older product lines. Microsoft knew that Excel ad-hoc analysis and paginated monthly reports weren't equipped to handle the explosion of data over the past decade. 


Power BI Meetup - Minneapolis

Join a passionate community of Power BI believers from around Minnesota at the original Power BI Meetup. Share a beverage and engage with Power BI users in the community to understand their own journey and their Power BI best practices. The Power BI Meetup meets monthly at various venues around the Minneapolis & St. Paul area. Find the next meetup below.