Work That Matters

We work because they matter

Our mission is to 'make IT better' for our customers, our employees, and the world around us. We are passionate about transforming the lives of others, both locally and internationally through organizations that are rescuing our world’s most vulnerable. In partnering with various organizations that are on the front lines of fighting against Human Trafficking, while establishing Orphanages & Rescue Homes, we are able to help save lives across the globe. This is accomplished by providing the very best Business Intelligence and technology consulting services to our customers and thereby making them partners with us in this mission. Through Local and Global Projects, we aim to create positive change.

The significance of a man’s legacy is not measured by how much he knew... But rather how much he gave. Start now.
— Dale Holmgren (Co-Founder & COO, Beyond Impact)

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With our most recent Local Project, we teamed up with Minneapolis-based organization, Matter. This non-profit will distribute thousands of meals to local families throughout the remainder of 2015, with a majority of these to be handed out in the summer when families in need cannot rely on the local school lunch programs. Matter also packages large quantities of medical supplies to send around the globe. From South America to Southeast Asia, this incredible organization is doing amazing things. 

Thank you to Matter for allowing us to partner with you to make a difference! #makingITbetter

The greater purpose behind the existence of Beyond Impact is to create an environment whereby people of different skills and abilities can find meaning in their work. This is definitely not business as usual. We are all about “making IT better” for our clients, our employees, our partners, and everyone we meet. Our goal is that people will be transformed by our humanitarian efforts. And we don’t leave our clients behind… We have avenues that will personally connect our clients to our “Work That Matters” projects. What could be better for the client than getting great people, who do great work, from a company that does great works? 

Why Beyond Impact? 

This is why. To build a legacy of significance for ourselves, for our employees, for all that will join us. A legacy of giving.