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Work with these valuable Data professionals

Data Architect

Data Architect

Data Architect oversees data infrastructure and architecture. While their work is crucial to the end analytics, their focus is on back-end infrastructure. They support Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, and business units by packaging and presenting data effectively for analysis and archive.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is responsible for uncovering insights in data using advanced analytics and communicating those insights to the business. They’re less focused on the data architecture but more involved in the analytics and visualization of data.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers are specialists in selecting and implementing tools for extreme data pipelines. Their responsibilities include implementing ETL (extract, transform and load) pipelines, monitoring performance. They know when to use each tool to solve a specific issue in the processing and performance of that pipeline.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect, like a Data Architect, is an infrastructure specialist. While they are required to know some data architecture best practices, their focus is more holistically cloud-based. They’re experienced in migrations, backup and disaster recovery, monitoring and alerts, patching and performance.  


Real-Time Business Analytics

Advanced analytics using next generation cloud tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Build or convert older analytics reports into modern, real-time reporting

  • Integrate new data sources into current reports

  • Reduce data processing and manual data entry

  • Protect and secure your reports for data governance

Kick start your business analytics:


By the Numbers

5.6 Million

Downloads of SQL Server 2017

4.5 Million

SQL Databases (Fastest growing hybrid data service)

7 Million

Queries per hour on Power BI

100 Trillion

Transactions per day on Azure Cosmos DB