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Business Intelligence: Are your Executives Demanding More?

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The ability to slice through interactive visualization streaming real-time data is changing the landscape for how your top executives interact with data. Uncovering just one trend or potential disaster via an Executive Dashboard on Power BI could save an entire business vertical or drive profit in new product lines.  Microsoft knew full-well that Excel ad-hoc analysis and paginated monthly reports weren't equipped to handle the changing landscape driven by the explosion of data over the past decade. 


Excel: Modernize ad-hoc Excel reporting with a real-time Power BI solution.

Excel has been the life-blood of many organizations over the past decade.  Driven by the demand for faster analysis and more robust data-mashup, Microsoft invested heavily into some robust enhancements. In July of 2015, Microsoft successfully launched Power BI, the next-gen version of Excel.  As a tool designed for life-long Excel users, Power BI features advanced visualizations, more data connection, and full mobile-reporting capabilities.