Cloud Hosting Facilities

Cloud Hosting in Cutting Edge Facilities around the Country

Through our partnership with TW Telcom, a global leader in the telecom space, Beyond Impact has 80 Colocation Facilities for IaaS and SaaS Cloud Hosting Services.


We understand the importance of reliable availability in cloud hosting. You must be confident that the applications and data stored on our hosting facilities can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

To ensure this, we use industry-leading monitoring and management tools to continuously oversee external connections to our network from other datacenter locations and private networks. We follow established best practices, using enterprise-class hardware, partnering with top-level vendors, and committing to an annual SOC II audit.


With the rapid pace of technological innovation, you need more than mere competence, you need proven excellence. Maintaining top-level performance standards, we work with leading enterprise hardware, software, and network providers to deliver a superior hosting experience.

Telco Standards

Telcordia/Bellcore GR-1275 standards, which include IEEE Standard 383, National Electrical Code, and Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 94. FCC regulated public utility has references in GR-1275 documents to MIL-SPEC (Military Specification).


When choosing an IT hosting provider, you need assurance that your company’s applications and data are safe and secure. Our online networks and physical hosting facilities are securely built and continuously monitored to protect against threats both human and environmental.


24x7x365 unescorted access via card key and fingerprint scan access with Man Traps (three locked doors to access the collocation facility). All cabinets or cages have customer-key issued locks.


27 Internet-accessible, digitally recorded cameras in strategic locations inside and outside building. Break glass, fire, and door access monitored 24/7.


330 tons of cooling with generator backup. The chiller plants are capable of 990 tons of cooling.


Seven 4000AMP service feeds into hosting facility. The server room uses a 2000Amp service with multiple 225KVA UPS, 500KVA UPS (dedicated neutral), and 1200Amp 48 volt DC battery plants. Three 2 Megawatt Gen sets (tested monthly), each with 5000-gallon diesel fuel cells that can operate the facility for 24 hours under full load. 24-hour fuel delivery on-demand contracts with two vendors. During a disaster, fuel delivery is second in line after Police, Fire and Hospitals.

Fire Suppression

Dry Pipe Pre-Action Water; requires two sensors to be triggered before water charges the overhead pipe. Water will only be dispensed over a melted sprinkler head.