Data Warehouse Analyst

Data Warehouse Analyst

Our Vision at Beyond Impact

At Beyond Impact we believe that data-driven organizations are the future. The future of the enterprise, the business and the driving force behind Digital Transformation. Our team at Beyond Impact empowers organizations and people to push beyond the point of impact–to insight inspired action.

Beyond Impact is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focused on architecting a defined set of solutions that reflect our clients’ ambitions in Cloud, Data, and Security. We believe that our proprietary Cloud, Data, Security solutions can provide organizations with increased scalability and flexibility while being more secure than ever.

Our People

Beyond Impact’s full-time Business Intelligence Consultants are the driving force behind this organizational change. As velocity and variety of data rapidly change, organizations must embrace a different way of thinking. We believe in finding success with an agile, iterative, fail-fast delivery model. Every data challenge begins with a specific end-user and a targeted business need. Beginning with the consumer in mind allows us to model the data to directly support these business drivers. 

Business Intelligence Consultants are primarily focused on project delivery, providing hands-on, technical leadership for data and analytics projects involving Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI. Our people have a passion for data and analytics with an eye for the future. Client engagements involve a variety of solution areas, from business intelligence to big data and advanced analytics. Business Intelligence Consultants are collaborative client-facing members who thrive by meeting challenges head-on. Providing solutions that solve exciting, real-world business problems and deliver value to our clients.


  • 5+ years of SQL Server related skills
  • Assist with data-mapping, data modeling, and ETL efforts
  • Knowledge of data warehousing concepts including tabular models
  • Functional knowledge of Power BI, and other business intelligence platforms
  • Knowledge of Azure SQL DB and Azure Data Lake experience


Who is Beyond Impact

At we Beyond Impact we believe in impacting lives and making an impacting in the community.  Technology is simply the catalyst that enables us.  Beyond Impact was founded in 2014 and is Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our consultants support a region covering Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.