DRaaS Case Study

Affordable, Testable, Disaster Recovery in Azure

Client Challenge 

The client had no disaster recovery for their primary systems. They had been running with this risk for a number of years because they believed the cost was not sustainable based on past discovery with a number of competing disaster recovery solutions. Beyond Impact was asked to determine what the effort and ongoing cost would be for a cloud-based disaster recovery position and plan.

Our Solution 

Beyond Impact’s Azure architect worked with the client’s IT team to establish a customized architecture that would meet the organization’s stated RTO/RPO requirements at a cost that would be sustainable for the organization. Once agreed upon, the client opted for Beyond Impact’s DRaaS Solution (Disaster Recovery as a Service). The BI architect went to work establishing replication, building automated recovery scripts, documenting process and procedures, setup backups and documentation related to the process of recovery (Runbook). The DR position was then tested by completing a full failover to Azure. To conclude the project, the Beyond Impact Managed Services team provided the client with procedures for declaration of a disaster.



The client was able to reduce costs of storing backups off site, remove the backup equipment altogether, and dump all the tape media. The client now has a reduced risk profile with confidence that they will be able to recover from nearly any disaster including ransomware.