Jon Jordan

Jon Jordan

Power BI Developer

Business Intelligence Architect

Business Intelligence Analyst



Jon has led various types of audits, projects, completed different types of data analysis, assisted with validation and regression testing, built models and dashboards, and presented the results. He mines diverse data sets for insights. Jon has worked with healthcare claims, financial reporting, marketing, and social media data.


Coursera/UC San Diego

Big Data Certificate

June 2016 - September 2016


Technical Experience


Power BI




Azure Web Services



Power Query


Google Analytics

Business Objects



Azure Machine Learning Services


Project: Machine Learning Text Classifier

Client Info: Construction and engineering company in Twin Cities

Project Overview: Prove the ability to classify an RFP and automate notification to the correct department

Project Timeline: One week

After receiving example RFPs from the client, a training dataset was created and then a text-classifying model was built to predict which company vertical the RFP should be routed to. After testing the model to ensure an acceptable accuracy rate, a system was built using Microsoft Flow to automate the notification to the verticals of RFPs for review. Demo-ed machine learning model and Microsoft Flow automation to the client, showing a successful proof of concept.


Project: Power BI Dashboard and Reporting

Client Info: Private school located in the Twin Cities

Project Overview: Power BI Reporting on relevant metrics for current and historical school years

Project Timeline: Three months

Using the ETL functionality in Power Query, the relevant data was extracted from the annual data dumps and built fact and dimension tables. Reporting measures were built using DAX and added to the required visualizations. Published Power BI model to Power BI Service and rolled out dashboard to stakeholders.


Project: Power BI Dashboard and Reporting

Client Info: Commodity trading company in the Twin Cities

Project Overview: Power BI Reporting on Relevant Metrics

Project Timeline: Three weeks

Used Live Query functionality of Power BI to build reporting around Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Sales areas of business.  Built in row level security to the Sales reporting and published all reports to Power BI Service. Built and delivered three reports to stakeholders


Project: Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) Training

Client Info: Multiple clients

Project Overview: Microsoft’s Power BI DIAD Training & Co-development

Training Time: Typically 1-5 days

Led groups of people through Microsoft’s Power BI DIAD training as well as spending additional days helping clients work through their data sources and create Power BI based reporting. Left clients with an understanding of how to build Power BI reports using their data resources.


Project: Streamlining Annual Reporting

Client Info: Major banking company in the Twin Cities

Project Overview: Built efficiencies into audit reporting required by banking laws.

Project Timeline: 3 months

Built reporting schedule using Microsoft Project, built a team reporting site using SharePoint and a Microsoft Access query to track reporting changes. The client left with a SharePoint site where reporting schedule and required information was housed along with a way of tracking reporting changes.


Project: Power BI Dashboard and Reporting

Client Info: Media company based in the Twin Cities 

Project Overview: Power BI Reporting on Relevant Metrics

Project Timeline: Six months or six weeks

Met with stakeholders across Finance, Ratings, Marketing, and Pledge departments to determine which metrics should be tracked. Extracted data from multiple systems including Salesforce, SQL database, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter and Facebook. Built tables and created relationships in the star schema format. Created DAX based measures to track the different metrics. Worked with stakeholders to build multiple iterations of the dashboard over different verticals. After each vertical was approved, the model was published to Power BI Service, and the dashboard was edited to include new metrics.


Project: Software Migration

Client Info: Major banking company in Twin Cities

Project Overview: Migrate customer’s on-prem database to AWS

Project Timeline: Six months

Assisted with a Vena software platform migration from an on-prem database to a cloud-hosted database. Conducted testing to ensure the existing reporting migrated correctly with no discrepancies in a dev environment. Logged issues and worked with a vendor to remediate. Migrated production environment after all issues were worked through. Conducted training on new platform with end users. The application went live after a successful production environment migration.


Project: Data Auditing

Client Info: Multiple US healthcare providers

Project Overview: Audit pharmaceutical claims data for pricing and benefit accuracy

Project Timeline: Three to nine months per client

Audited client’s pharmaceutical claims from a specified time frame using SQL and Excel to find inconsistencies in pricing or benefit application. Worked with client’s pharmacy benefit manager to resolve discrepancies and refund money where appropriate. Delivered final report with findings and resolutions to the client.


Project: Financial Reporting Dashboard

Client Info: Major publishing company in Twin Cities

Project Overview: Built financial reporting dashboard for marketing team

Project Timeline: Six months

Built a Microsoft Access based dashboard that incorporated revenue reporting on multiple sales products for marketing and sales teams. Data was mined from Business Intelligence software and SAP and segregated by sales region, sales manager and sales representative. Access report was automated to run monthly and export an Excel report. The report was distributed to sales and marketing teams for tracking and projection purposes.