Marketing Analytics

The current problem with most marketing dashboards

Out of almost every department, marketing might have the most data available. Almost every tool, from Facebook to Google Adwords has some kind of data visualization dashboard. This is an incredibly powerful set of tools but at some point, it becomes more work to use than the value you get from it. Tools become so siloed, they're only looked at individually. The problem in marketing isn't a lack of data but an avalanche of data.

We designed an integrated solution for marketing departments to collect their data streams in one place. Individual dashboards can't show the connections that a dashboard with five or more (our last project had 16) data sources can provide. See all your metrics in one place. Streaming, real-time, no need for screenshots or downloading Excel files ever again.

"For us, Power BI has allowed quicker access to data and reports. The reports are now more visually appealing, are quicker to update, and are based on consistent logic, which we were largely missing prior. We can now focus our time and efforts on our insights and action, instead of data and reporting!" - Starkey Hearing

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Example Dashboards

Marketing Analytics Dashboard Image
Marketing Analytics Dashboard Image
Marketing Analytics Dashboard Image

Power BI is the answer to dashboard overload

Some marketing departments have monthly screenshot parties, where they collect snapshots of each of their dashboards for monthly reporting. The hours spent doing this, assembling complicated Excel files and processing data from ten or fifteen streams is almost a full-time job for some companies. 

It's time to stream that data all into one dashboard. End the data overflow and give your coworkers access to the same data.