Azure Services


Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Azure IaaS

Azure IaaS is a major change in the way that businesses manage, support, and pay for their IT infrastructure. A cloud subscription means that you get access to unlimited scaling without having to manage a data center.

Using a cloud service like Azure eliminates common infrastructure pain:

  • Aging, unsupported hardware, operating systems, and SQL
  • Physical boundaries of compute & storage
  • Poor performance
  • Meeting compliance in an aging data center
  • Stuck on-premises because of highly customized versions of mission-critical applications

If you're running mission-critical applications on-premise, Azure can eliminate infrastructure pain

Our IaaS service offering:

  • Highly scalable compute and storage availability
  • Predictable infrastructure IT spend 
  • Cloud-experienced IT professionals
  • Expanded compliance certifications from Azure, including GPDR
  • Outsourced infrastructure management team using Microsoft, ITSM tools, and best practices
  • SLA for availability and reliability
  • Geo-redundant data center options
  • Unmatched physical security

Azure Backup, DR & Security

Azure Backup, DR & Security

Azure Backup

Use Azure for automated backups of your entire environment. Protect your company from a coffee spill to a full data center outage. The backup process for most organizations is manual, slow, and expensive. This takes time and resources away from mission-critical work. Instead, we can automatically backup your environment with nearly unlimited cold storage, for a reasonable price.

  • Automated backup process securely in Azure
  • Recover data in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks
  • 99.9% SLA for availability and reliability 
  • AES256 encrypted in transit and at rest


Azure Disaster Recovery

Even if you have a backup, you might not be protected enough. It doesn't matter if you have your data but no infrastructure to run it. Use Azure as your disaster recovery plan. Azure Site Recovery is an easy way to switch over to cloud computing in the event of a disaster. No interruption to your users. Plus we have monitoring and incident response teams on 3 continents, always ready to failover if there is a problem.

  • Recovery Point Objective of seconds & Recovery Time Objective of minutes
  • Frequent failover testing without interrupting production environments
  • Failback is possible
  • 99.9% SLA for availability and reliability
  • Geo-redundant data center options


Azure Security

Coupled with Azure Active Directory, Azure Security Center can provide a world-class threat management solution. State of the art data centers across the globe with the highest physical security, cloud compliance, and single-pane monitoring; Azure is the best way to secure your critical data.

  • Centrally managed security console
  • Security dashboard with automatic security alerts and Microsoft threat intelligence
  • Regular audits for discovering vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft Azure has more compliance certifications than any cloud provider
  • Unmatched physical security
  • Just-in-time virtual administration
  • Login Audits and Security Search

Azure Storage

Azure Storage

As the amount of data explodes, companies are feeling pressure to capture as much data as possible. This puts a burden on IT infrastructure to continue to grow to meet those demands. Keeping static, legacy data for audits or policy can consume a large portion of on-premises storage. This tightens the pressure on a data center, causing performance and cost issues. 

Azure provides incredible scaling for hot and cold blob storage. Coupled with a complete Azure Backup & DR solution can provide a one-stop complete data storage solution.


Azure is your answer to a crowded data center

  • Inexpensive blob storage for static data
  • Only pay for the space you need
  • Unmatched physical security
  • AES256 in transit and at rest
  • Hybrid cloud solutions extend storage capacity of the on-premises solution
  • Microsoft Azure has more compliance certifications than any cloud provider
  • Up to 99.99% SLA for availability and reliability
  • Geo-redundant data center options for DR protection
  • Tools to manage GDPR compliance

Azure DevTest

Azure DevTest

Dev and test environment are often overlooked by IT departments. Typically they live outside the normal processes and protections that production environments follow. They also require time and resources to provision and maintain. As they run outside the normal IT processes, they're usually not included in backup and DR, they're not properly governed and they become difficult to manage.


"Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in." -Stahnma


In Azure DevTest:

  • Flexible provisioning and shutdown of compute and storage
  • Inexpensive cloud storage for test data, pay only for what you use
  • Backup of developer VMs, quickly recover and restore

Azure ASM to ARM Migration

Azure ASM to ARM Migration

Moving from Azure ASM (Classic) to ARM seems like an easy and automated process but in reality, most companies have highly customized software that makes the migration more complicated than a point and click. 

If you're looking to reduce your ASM IaaS costs, sometimes up to 82% reduction, migrating to ARM should be at the top of your list. Trust a partner to ensure that everything will migrate quickly and with minimum downtime.

ARM Benefits:

  • High-performance storage and networking
  • High availability VM storage (managed disk)
  • More control and audit capabilities
  • EA for Windows Server can be used for Azure VMs, reducing Azure cost
  • Microsoft Azure has more compliance certifications than any cloud computing provider
  • SLA for availability and reliability