Nonprofit Solutions

You do great work.
We can take it further.

We have aligned our mission with Microsoft's goals to use technology for good. This means we offer specific nonprofit solutions through our partnership with Microsoft.

  • Discounted Office 365 & Power BI licenses
  • Microsoft Give Program
  • Pro-Bono Hours
  • Microsoft Nonprofit Sponsorships
  • Nonprofit Pricing Structures

Use technology to make the world a better place.

Internal budgets can feel restrictive. We know it's hard to justify administrative spending. With our nonprofit benefits and a Lightweight Cloud Solution, we can expand your technology power without blowing your budget.

We can magnify the great work you are already doing by leveraging your existing software, connecting your data, sharing insights in collaborative dashboards, and support from our award-winning Managed Services team. We are here to take you further.

Find out more about our nonprofit services.