Hosting Infor VISUAL

PALs Software, based in Duluth, Minnesota, is a Beyond Impact strategic development partner. Founded in 2000, PALs Software develops software for the professional assisted living industry. The company is currently offering Beyond Impact’s Hosted Environment as an enhancement for both its current and new customers.

“Beyond Impact’s hosting service adds value to our product,” states Thomas Patten, Founder and CEO of PALs Software. “It gives us the ability to better support our customers. We can provide faster turnaround times to user issues because we access the user environment and make changes to it in real time. Because we can see what the user sees, we can make immediate recommendations on using our product. And because our software is hosted at Beyond Impact, I can update the software at any time without user involvement; there’s no need to distract my customers from their work to update or customize their software.”

Increased Visibility to Critical Business Information 

Hosted solutions offer increased visibility to business information. “With a hosted solution, our customers can manage any number of geographically diverse communities from one central location,” Patten comments. “Management can check business performance information at any time, rather than waiting for month-end reports. This gives our customers the ability to respond to business issues more quickly, making them more successful. With this hosting service, PALs can now service and support even the largest assisted living organizations with communities spread throughout the United States.”  


“Because of Beyond Impact's existing infrastructure and efficient systems, PALs is able to offer this SaaS option at no additional monthly cost.”  

Thomas M. Patten

Founder & CEO, PALs


A More Efficient and Well-Trained Workforce  

In addition to the increased visibility to critical business information, hosted solutions also allow employees to be more efficient and effective. Autumn Grace, a PALs customer located in Mankato, Minnesota, recently went live with a hosted PALs solution after hosting it internally since 2003. Prior to the hosted solution, the company was using separate PALs installations for two separate locations. With no central database and without the appropriate IT infrastructure, the two locations were unable to share information. This caused redundant data entry and a lack of visibility to critical resident information.  

With a hosted solution, both Autumn Grace facilities now share a single PALs database, improving visibility to resident information and eliminating redundant data entry. The staff can now monitor a resident's status remotely in real time, often allowing employees to respond to issues without travelling to a facility. “The hosted solution gives our customers the freedom to work from anywhere at any time,” states Patten. 

More effective training is another benefit to hosted solutions from Beyond Impact. “I recently led a training session for the staff at Autumn Grace,” Patten explains. “I was able to shadow” their hosted session, which allowed us to share the same computer screen while we talked on the telephone. This provided a powerful learning environment.”  

The Increased Value of Hosted Solutions 

“Hosted solutions are a tremendous value to our customers,” Patten comments. “Updates and backups occur regularly without our clients being involved. Data is secure with encryption that meets healthcare industry standards. Hosted solutions from Beyond Impact eliminate the IT burden for our customers, freeing them to focus on the valuable work they perform for their residents. And because of Beyond Impact's existing infrastructure and efficient systems, PALs is able to offer this SaaS option at no additional monthly cost.”