Power BI Co-Development and Training Case Study

Engaging Training and Sustainable Co-Development

Client Challenge 

Barlow Research Associates, Inc. provides data-driven analytics and action-oriented consulting to the commercial banking industry. Barlow’s process of gathering and analyzing market data provides their clients with a competitive advantage and insights to make decisions. 

Before working with Beyond Impact, Barlow presented their findings back to clients in well-organized, yet flat views of the content. Specifically, insights were presented in static PowerPoint. This did not allow them to show dynamic visualizations or interactions with the source data. 

Our Solution 

As a progressive organization, Barlow was looking for a modern way to present the outputs to their clients and drive more compelling storytelling. They realized that Power BI would be an excellent tool for this mission. 

Beyond Impact was selected for this effort and used our knowledge of Power BI to transform their presentation materials into a set of compelling visualizations that Barlow could use with their clients. 


 “...Beyond Impact found the sweet spot: they worked with us to help us learn and ensure that we met our goals. Our clients are happy, our team is energized, and we’re very happy with the results.” 

- John Pike, CTO Barlow Research 



The Barlow team was very pleased with the end result and so were their clients. Not only did Beyond Impact create a visually appealing Power BI solution, we also completed a full knowledge transfer and Power BI training. 

Once the work was completed, Barlow was able to completely own the solution and came away with a new skill set to better serve their internal and external customers.