Hosting Infor VISUAL

Streater, Inc., of Albert Lea, Minnesota, has been providing retail store fixtures—wall-case shelving systems, point-of-purchase displays, and gondolas—and other merchandising products since 1917. In 2000, Streater became a part of the Marmon Retail Services group of companies. 

Streater has been an Infor ERP VISUAL user and Beyond Impact customer since December 2005. Prior to VISUAL, the company was using a highly customized software solution, but wanted a system that provided the necessary functionality without the need for customization. Streater decided to implement a hosted system to simplify its operations. “We’re not an IT company, so we weren’t current with our IT knowledge,” states Machelle Flugum, Accounting Manager at Streater. “A hosted system simplified everything for us.” 

Beyond Impact managed the implementation of the hosted VISUAL system. “The people from Beyond Impact were very responsive to our issues during implementation,” states Flugum. “We like and appreciate the services that Beyond Impact provides.” Streater connects to its VISUAL system and SQL Server database via a Citrix connection. Flugum has been impressed with the reliability and security. “The connections are stable, and the consistent back-ups are a good thing,” she comments. “And I appreciate being able to log-on to VISUAL from anywhere.” 


“We’ve definitely seen the benefits of the hosted system,” states Flugum. “It’s a simple way for us to manage our business." Streater has a strong relationship with the Beyond Impact team. “They are good people to work with,” Flugum comments. “They have always been responsive and accommodating and have resolved our issues quickly. The hosted solution model has worked well for us.” 

- Machelle Flugum 

Accounting Manager, Streater