SuperFlow Technologies

Hosting Infor VISUAL

SuperFlow Technologies Group, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is a leading provider of dynamometers and test equipment for the automotive remanufacturing, transit, and automotive performance industries. Founded in 1989, the company now has 120 employees and has facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Pulle, Belgium. SuperFlow has been an Infor ERP VISUAL user since 1994 but decided to have Beyond Impact host its VISUAL application in 2004.  

“Our company made an acquisition around that time,” states Scott Giles, President of SuperFlow. “Having Beyond Impact host VISUAL helped us get the new facility online more quickly without draining our in-house resources.” Prior to hosting, SuperFlow used internal resources to manage VISUAL. “It’s more convenient for us to have Beyond Impact host our manufacturing system,” states Giles. “It frees up our people to focus on other activities. As our company grew, the decision to have our system hosted simply made the most sense for our business.” 

The team of professionals at Beyond Impact managed the implementation of the hosted VISUAL system. “As with any implementation, there were data conversion issues, but the Beyond Impact people were knowledgeable and responsive,” Giles comments. “We got the results we needed from the implementation.” SuperFlow connects to its VISUAL system via a Citrix connection, which “works very well,” states Giles. Since the implementation, SuperFlow has continued to see the benefits of a hosted system. “It’s maintenance free for us,” states Giles. “It’s a convenient way for us to get the most out of VISUAL. I anticipate a continued relationship with Beyond Impact.” I’ve known the people from Beyond Impact for a long time now,” Giles concludes. “RJ was our dealer when we first purchased VISUAL. Beyond Impact are a good group of people to do business with. I wish I had more business relationships like the one we have with Beyond Impact.” 


“Quick implementation without a drain on in-house resources frees up staff and capital for leading automotive technology provider... Beyond Impact are a good group of people to do business with. I wish I had more business relationships like the one we have with Beyond Impact.” 

- Scott Giles 

President, SuperFlow Technologies Group