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U.S. National Champion and National Team Coach Eui Lee carries on the tradition of his father who founded the World TaeKwonDo Academy (WTA) in Maple Grove, MN, in 1969. Grandmaster Lee began training with his father, Grandmaster Byung Yul Lee, at age four.  

The younger Grandmaster Lee has grown the appeal of TaeKwonDo in the Minneapolis area to offer programs for children, teens, adults, and families in a variety of martial art forms, including TaeKwonDo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and also yoga. 

The Academy runs after-school and summer camp programs, in addition to regular weekly training instruction. Numerous students have gone on to become members of multiple national championship teams. Grandmaster Eui Lee has also been a U.S. National Champion multiple times, and is now the coach of the national team. He has also coached teams who’ve competed around the world, including in Korea, Mexico, El Salvador, Denmark, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, and Canada. 

Incorporates structure and discipline while having fun in instructing children, teens, and individuals in the Korean traditional martial art of TaeKwonDo, “the way of the hand and foot” which dates back over two millenniums. Microsoft SharePoint hosted as a cloud application by Beyond Impact provides WTA a powerful new medium for keeping in touch with students and families. 

WTA was looking for a way to simplify its outreach marketing, and its communications with students and families, while also increasing traffic to its website. Microsoft SharePoint provided a central communications hub – and having it hosted as a cloud application by Beyond Impact gave WTA the service support it needed. 


TaeKwonDo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. And also discipline. It relies preponderantly on kicks – as the leg provides the longest and strongest reach in martial arts competition. 

One could say that these are all attributes of business best practices as well, for successful businesses are all reliant on strength, speed and flexibility, and the cultivation of the longest, strongest reach in terms of tapping the market. 

Eui Lee is a grandmaster in TaeKwonDo, but he also applies much of the discipline he brings to the sport and to providing instruction to others to managing the business end of his World TaeKwonDo Academy in suburban Minneapolis.  

He was reliant for several years on email as the main medium for promoting programs and communicating with his students and their families. But it was time consuming. What he needed was something simpler, more flexible, with more reach and less effort. 


“Our primary goals in implementing SharePoint as a hosted service were to drive more traffic to our website and to better communicate with our students and their families.”

- Eui Lee

Grandmaster, WTA



“I don’t know exactly how they do it, but Beyond Impact has greatly improved the traffic to our website. A general web search always lists us among the top three results,” Lee says. Integrity is a huge element in the manner in which WTA runs its Academy. And it highly values the same in its partnerships with others – including Beyond Impact. “If we encounter problems, Beyond Impact is quick to fix it,” he says.  

SharePoint provides a central hub for disseminating news and communications to students and families. It has helped foster an even greater sense of community that revolves around the activities of its training facility in Maple Grove. It provides education on the sport and updates on new opportunities and programs that the Academy provides.  

“It really helps families,” Lee says, “in being more involved in all that we do.” They clearly understood our needs. We’ve been quite pleased with the service they have provided.”