Zero Halliburton

Hosting Infor VISUAL

Zero Halliburton® is a manufacturer of luggage and protective cases for the business, computer, and photography industries. Now based in North Salt Lake, Utah, the company was founded in 1938 by Earle P. Halliburton, who commissioned a group of aircraft engineers to build an aluminum case that could withstand the rigors of business travel. The results of their work became the popular Halliburton cases. In 1952, Mr. Halliburton sold his travel case division to Zero Corporation, creating Zero Halliburton. Today, the company sells its luggage and protective cases in nearly every country in the world.  

As a small but growing company, Zero Halliburton faced staff limitations and increasing hardware needs to maintain its IT infrastructure. Prior to deciding to go with a hosted solution, Zero Halliburton had relied on its former parent company to provide IT services for its operations. Rather than increasing its IT staff and investing in additional equipment, the company decided to find a hosting service that could operate and manage its IT systems. “We are a small company with growing data and equipment needs,” state David Sebens, President of Zero Halliburton. “It was much more efficient for us to use a host-based system.” 

Zero Halliburton turned to GoIWx in 2007 and began seeing the benefits of a hosted Infor ERP VISUAL solution within two months ofgoing live. “GoIWx provides reliable and prompt IT support that is better than anything we could do ourselves,” states Sebens. “The hosted system gives us numerous opportunities for growth with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of efficiency. We have been very satisfied with the support we have received from GoIWx. The customer service has been terrific.” Zero Halliburton, Inc.  


“The hosted system gives us numerous opportunities for growth with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of efficiency.”  

David Sebens  

President, Zero Halliburton, Inc.