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What CISOs Need to Know about Microsoft Security and Compliance

As a Chief Information Security Officer, you have a lot on your plate. And Cybersecurity threats abound endlessly.  Some times it feels like a game of whack-a-mole out there for CISOs and their Security Operations (SecOps) teams.  In this serious game of cat-and-mouse, CISOs can benefit from a strong ally like Microsoft.  And from a proven and experienced Cloud Platform Microsoft partner to guide you step by step.  Consider just a few high level Microsoft Security and Compliance  offerings that can make life a bit more normal for the SecOps team.

Microsoft Invests $1B in Security every year

  1. Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually on security. Microsoft has invested significantly towards building security into its core technologies like Windows, Office, and Azure, and in making strategic acquisitions of security technologies that enhance the investments customers have already made in Microsoft.  Microsoft operates the Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC), a 24×7 cybersecurity and defense facility.  The CDOC is staffed with leading security experts and data scientists.  These scientists  protect, detect, and respond to threats to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, products and devices, and internal resources. How’s that for easing the load for SecOps?

  2.  Microsoft’s Comprehensive Security platform serves as the framework for protecting enterprise organizations in four ways.

  3. Identity and Access Management: protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk level.

  4. Threat Protection: protect against advanced threats and help you recover quickly when attacked.

  5. Information Protection: help ensure documents and emails are seen only by the people you authorize

  6. Security Management: gain visibility and control over your security resources, workflows, and policies, as well as recommendations on improving your security posture.

Industry leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  1. Microsoft Azure Sentinel, A cloud-native SIEM,  has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platform Providers with the top ranking in Strategy.

  2. As a cloud-native SIEM, Azure Sentinel makes it easy to deploy, scale, and use. You can collect, correlate, and analyze data across users, devices, applications, and infrastructure at cloud scale—on premises and in multiple clouds.

  3. Azure Sentinel helps you detect and investigate threats more efficiently by harnessing AI.

This process, called Fusion, 

reduces alert fatigue by 90 percent, ensuring that SecOps teams are only spending time on real, actionable alerts. And with integrated automation, it further optimizes your team’s time by automating responses to common tasks.

  1. With these innovations, Microsoft’s Cybersecurity product Sentinel helped customers protect their organizations more efficiently . Some customers were able to cut issue resolution times in half, or reduce the number of alerts they analyze by 50 percent.

Azure is the most-compliant  cloud platform, leading the industry with more than 100 compliance offerings.

Azure global compliance offerings
  1. Take advantage of more than 100 compliance certifications, including over 50 specific to global regions and countries.

  2. Get more than 35 compliance offerings specific to the needs of key industries, including health, government, finance, education, manufacturing, and media. Your emerging compliance needs are covered, too: Microsoft engages globally with governments, regulators, standards bodies, and non-governmental organizations.

As a CISO, if your organization is considering moving some workloads to Azure, they’re probably looking to you for assurances that their data will be secure.  And perhaps they are asking you if the company will still be able to meet its regulatory compliance requirements.  While every organization has different security and compliance needs, for most organizations considering a move to Azure, the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!”.  Microsoft Security and Compliance offerings are numerous and robust.

For companies of all sizes, moving workloads to Azure in a secure manner is an important consideration. And one that can be done with confidence.  Utilizing and experienced Microsoft Azure Migration Program partner, like Beyond Impact, is a smart decision.  Beyond Impact will assist with all phases of the migrationContact us to discuss a free assessment of your upcoming migration project.

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