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SQL Cloud Migration Strategies

You may have heard a lot recently about migrating SQL databases to the Cloud.  In this video you learn about SQL Cloud migration strategies, phases, tools, and resources available for organizations considering this opportunity.  You will also learn about how Microsoft IT approached their cloud migration.  Many companies are looking to extend the capabilities of their on-premises data center by utilizing Microsoft Azure to host their SQL databases.  And for good reasons.  Consider how the key stakeholders of an organization will benefit from leveraging a SQL Cloud Migration to Azure.

SQL Cloud Migration to Azure SQL

CIOs appreciate the the power of Azure’s scalability and elasticity.

As well they will realize the benefit of Azure’s reliability, security, and compliance.  The fact that they can spend more time on making IT a strategic partner in the growth of their company, and less time managing a data center is a definite plus.  In Azure, customers will always enjoy the latest in compute and storage hardware, designed specifically for the workloads deployed to them.

CISOs will find Azure to be the most secure and regulatory compliant public cloud available.

CFOs will enjoy Azure’s operating-expense-friendly subscription based fee structure.

Azure’s pay-as-you-go approach will end the cycle of capital expenditures on compute and storage hardware, often purchased for peak demand, which results in overspending on IT.

CEOs find that they have more money to invest in growing the business.

Rather than spending available cash on expensive computer hardware for their on-premises data center,  that needs to be refreshed every few years. CEOs can invest that cash in R&D, or Sales and Marketing, increased production capacity, or geographic expansion.

However, SQL Cloud migration strategies need to be well-planned.

Companies making a move to the Cloud can

greatly benefit from the experience of a Microsoft partner that has been there, done that.  Beyond Impact is a Microsoft Partner with the Data Analytics competency, a Microsoft Azure Migration Program partner, a Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider, and is experienced in assisting customers

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