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Data Migration Trends for 2022

In our modern, data-driven economy, data managers face the challenges of exponentially growing data repositories and the need to replace legacy data storage solutions.  Companies progress at different rates and migrate for different reasons. Learning about the five major Data Migration Trends for 2022 can help you understand where your organization is today and see if data migration can solve some of your challenges.

  1. Continued Shift To The Cloud

  2. Data-Driven Migrations

  3. Unstructured Data Migration Surging

  4. Shifting Demand Markets

  5. Data Modernization.

In the article linked below, Chad Kime takes a deep dive into these data migration trends.

Beyond Impact, as a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Services Provider and Azure Migration Program partner has assisted many customers with data migration to Azure.

At Beyond Impact we simply move workloads to Azure.  Whether those are compute, storage, data, backup, or disaster recovery workloads, we can help you every step of the way.

Click here to learn more about Azure and all of Beyond Impact’s services.  We have many online resources to help you on your journey and would love a chance to answer your questions and continue the cloud migration discussion.

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