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The case for Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

Do I really need a third-party data backup solution for Microsoft Office 365?

Most businesses that use Microsoft Office 365 Cloud services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams) mistakenly believe that their data is always recoverable; even data lost or deleted by human error, malicious activity, or malware, forever.  And its easy to understand why this belief is so widespread.  Because, when these services were hosted on-premises, most business users believed, and for good reason, that if something bad happened to their data, the IT team would simply restore it from a backup.  Even if the bad thing happened over a year ago.  And that was mostly true.  But, that is not the case where Microsoft Office 365 is concerned.   Which is why a third-party Microsoft Office 365 data protection solution is necessary.  Microsoft 365 Data Security begins with ensuring the data is backed up and recoverable.  And the retention period is based on your specific business requirements.

The graphic below depicts the amount of time you have to discover something bad has happened to your data and have it restored.

As you can see the average data compromise discovery period is 140 days.  Too late for much of the Office 365 data to be restored.  

And then there’s this – a recent report by IDC recommends that Microsoft Office 365 users deploy a 3rd party backup solution.  An IDC survey of European Office 365 users found that only 23% were using 3rd party backup, while 66% used native Microsoft offering. 

The cost of doing nothing

Also, data recovery, if possible, at all, takes a lot of time and that negatively impacts productivity.  Many organizations just do not have the luxury of having additional resources that can spend time just getting back to where you were before a data compromise event.  A majority of SMBs simply don’t survive a catastrophic data loss.  Just one hour of downtime can cost a small business on average $8,000.  For enterprise businesses, that number is $700,000.  Without Microsoft 365 Data Protection, customers are taking unnecessary risks with their data.


Microsoft’s message to its consumers of Office 365 cloud solutions is clear – Microsoft is responsible for their cloud; end users are responsible for what is in it.

Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection at-a-glance

Microsoft Office 365 Data Backup and Recovery Solution

So, thankfully, there is a practical solution to this problem.  Beyond Impact has partnered with Datto to provide a cloud-to-cloud backup service, offering comprehensive backup and recovery for critical cloud data that lives in Microsoft 365.  It is just one of the features of Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services offering.  And it includes these features for Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Tasks:

  1. Automatic 3X daily backup

  2. Flexible data retention

  3. One click restore at file or folder level

  4. Restore to original or other user

  5. Point-in-time restore and export

  6. Non-destructive restore

  7. Advanced search

As part of its managed services for Microsoft 365, Beyond Impact will provision, deploy, monitor, and manage your cloud-to-cloud backup service.  And we provide reporting so that you can have the peace of mind you once had, before reading this blog. Because your Microsoft 365 data is backed up and recoverable from any negative circumstance that it might encounter.  And, its cost is bundled in an easy monthly per user per month pay as you go subscription price. 

About Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Because of  these sorts of  issues, Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services was designed specifically to address threats, internal and external, and to provide complimentary services and products that further strengthen what is provided by Microsoft and is a key component of Microsoft 365 Data Security.  Not only can Beyond Impact, as a Microsoft CSP, provide you Microsoft licensing, but we also can provide a total solution by adding key services to keep your Microsoft 365 environment backed up, secure, and compliant. 

Reach out to us today to see how Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services can benefit your business.

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