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Microsoft 365 Managed Services Reporting

 Reporting is such a valuable, and sometimes underappreciated, aspect of a managed services offering.  That is why Beyond Impact has gone to great lengths to provide Office 365 reports as part of it’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services bundle. Your Microsoft 365  cloud deployment need not be a black box to you.

The times they are a’changin

Like the physical universe, your digital universe continues to expand and change and Beyond Impact wants you to be informed.  This is never truer than where Microsoft 365 is concerned. And as evidence of this changing universe, Microsoft has re-branded what you might know as Office 365, as Microsoft 365.  And a name change is not the only thing that’s new.  So the services and capabilities of this cloud product is becoming greater and more complex  with each new release.  There is so much involved with the term Microsoft 365 its difficult to picture it all.  And so, Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services Reporting was created to give you that all up view.  Reporting is such a valuable, and sometimes underappreciated, aspect of a managed services offering.  That is why Beyond Impact has gone to great lengths to provide Office 365 reports as part of it’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services bundle.

Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services Bundle

Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 (M365) Managed Services bundle includes additional products to extend and strengthen what is offered by Microsoft.  It adds an additional layer of email and data security.  And a third-party cloud-to-cloud backup solution.  Also, a cloud compliance solution that keeps your cloud deployments aligned with whichever compliance frameworks are necessary for your business. And, I would be amiss if I did not to mention the heart of the service offering, Beyond Impact’s Managed Services team. They keep vigilant watch over all of this, including licensing provisioning and assignments, moves adds and changes for you, deployment of services, monitoring, incident response, data recovery, and security reviews.

Powerful Microsoft 365 Reporting using Power BI

The reporting provides multiple views of your Microsoft 365 deployment.  And insights into who and how it is being used by your teams to be more productive which are required to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. You are provided with adoption metrics so that you know where you stand where licensing  is concerned.  For example, knowing the difference between licenses you own and licenses you have assigned to users can reduce your licensing costs. And, there are multiple report categories that include an Executive Summary, Overview, Activation/Licensing, Product Usage, and more  to keep you informed. Best of all, its all available through your own private Beyond Impact Reporting Portal.

Extended Reporting

So, along with reporting on your Microsoft 365 cloud deployment, we add reporting on additional bundled solutions, contained in our Microsoft 365 Managed Services. Because we want to  give you a complete picture of the services provided by Beyond Impact.  So, you will find data backup and recovery reports.  And email and data security and security and compliance dashboards.  Dashboards that provide perspective into the security and resiliency of your Microsoft 365 cloud investment.

These Office 365 reports are provided to give you quick insights into how your Microsoft 365 deployment is being managed.  If you have a question about that, no doubt the answers will be found in Beyond Impact’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services Reporting.

Microsoft 365 doesn’t need to be a black box to you the customer.  Beyond Impact Microsoft 365 Managed Services Reporting, pulls back the covers and lets you see exactly how Microsoft 365 is being used by your company.  And, insights into the security and data backup of all that valuable data.  The compliance engine keeps you abreast, visually, of all the changes that are happening where compliance frameworks are concerned as well as changes in your environment, that may put you at risk.

Office 365 Reports - Email Security

Complete Management of Your Microsoft 365 Cloud Investment

Beyond Impact offers a comprehensive managed services solution for Microsoft Office 365.  It takes up where Microsoft leaves off by adding data backup and recovery. And email and data protection. Also a security and compliance solution.  And tops it off with reporting on all of these items.  And add to that the expert human capital required to ensure that it is all performing as expected, available when you need it, and responding to changes in your business, it all adds up to a winning combination.

Microsoft 365 Managed Services

To maintain optimal operation of the Office 365 features, you need to adopt Microsoft 365 managed services, and the benefits will cover the Office 365 user help desk, implementation, and ecosystem. Your business will have an easier way to customize, migrate, and integrate various crucial features.

The managed services ensure your employees have a wide array of tools they can use to enable your system to operate effectively and securely. They will have Power Apps that offer better satisfaction and seamless integration.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Microsoft AVD functions in a similar manner as Cloud PCs. It is a desktop, single-user that uses Azure to offer desktop storage and deployment. With the virtual desktop, users can access applications and data remotely. On the other hand, your IT team can manage the desktops from one central location.

Microsoft 365 Managed Services Migration

Beyond Impact offers a wide array of solutions when it comes to cloud services. The managed services include products that enhance what Microsoft offers your business. You can take advantage of your business’s robust data and Beyond Impact’s managed services to deliver secure flexible business solutions.

Adapting managed services for your business allows identification of your business needs, and our experts can fine-tune the Microsoft managed services. You will obtain better visibility to the Microsoft toolset and ensure you only invest in a solution that suits your needs. By leveraging Beyond Impact’s people, processes, and technologies, you can reduce your total cost of ownership and realize the full return on your software investments.

Migration to the Microsoft 365 managed services also helps you select the correct licensing that suits the needs of your enterprise. In the long run, you can add value and predictable results to your business. You will not have to guess which services you require. Our experts will ensure everything is set up correctly and has minimal security risks. Correct licensing helps to save costs and minimize downtime.

Achieve Robust Security with Managed Office 365

Managed office 365 offers better security for your business. Our experts can help configure the tool using top-rated information governance standards and controls to provide better protection against any external and internal threat. We can also help to ensure all the security features on Office 365 are up-to-date by being proactive in making prompt upgrades and maintenance.

With managed services, you don’t have to worry about data breaches as stringent measures regulate who can access vital information. Adopting these services is the only way to break the mold of cybersecurity threats. The migration process is quite easy and will not interfere with your current IT solutions but will merge flawlessly and offer unrivaled benefits for employees, customers, and other users.

Take Advantage of 24 Hours Support

By incorporating our managed Office 365 services, your business has 24 hours access to professionals who will address any issues with your services. Our support services, such as updating, maintenance, and security, ensure that your system operates optimally.

Ultimately, Microsoft 365 is an ideal option for all businesses. It is possible to collaborate better and stay connected with your employees. With managed services, you can offer better and more professional services. Our experts can help access user privileges and track essential activities.

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